Why Aren’t My Penis Pills Working?

Have you been taking penis pills to increase the amount of semen your body produces?

Have you seen very little semen enhancement evidence despite taking the same pills over a fairly long period of time? Outside of following the instructions of the pills completely, which let’s be honest, many guys don’t actually do, there are a few things you could be doing that could still be preventing your body from producing more semen.

Are You Taking the Right Penis Pills?

Some herbal supplements just aren’t going to work on some guys. It happens. It’s nobody’s fault really, but sticking with set of herbal ingredients that isn’t working for you doesn’t make sense to do. Look for a good product that has the proper blend of ingredients that can meet your needs and then be sure to take it as it is described.

Once you select a good product, you can enhance the effects of it with some simple lifestyle changes, such as:

  • eating healthier foods, especially foods that are rich in antioxidant,
  • increase the amount of exercise you get every day,
  • follow a healthy eating plan which includes a good balance of healthy fats like nuts or avocados, and
  • avoid getting your testicles too hot.

Why Does the Temperature of My Testicles Matter?

When your boys are nice, snug, and hot, it actually discourages the production of semen. Some guys need a little extra support down there, so wearing briefs or even compression underwear makes sense for them. If you don’t need the extra support, however, let your testicles hang out so they can stay nice and cool. When this is done with an effective product to enhance the amount of semen your body can produce, you’ll find more success!

For guys that do need the support, and there’s a variety of reasons why this may be necessary, consider investing in underwear that has some version ClimaCool technology.

Those standard cotton tighty-whiteys, even if they aren’t white, are like a personal greenhouse gas factory. They reflect heat back to you, making your testicles not only experience generated heat, but also reflected heat!

That’s why your balls get so sweaty without even working out! ClimaCool tech escorts heat out of the region and works to keep you dry – a bonus for when you’re about to get Biblical with someone in the bedroom!

What Can Be Done Today To Improve Semen Enhancement?

doctor-adviceIf you’re not taking any penis pills to improve your semen production, now is the time to begin. Look for a product that has an effective combination of ingredients and go on from there. If you are taking a product that you know is supposed to work but isn’t, then consider adapting these lifestyle changes into your routine to enhance your semen production. If you have made lifestyle changes already, then it’s time to change the product you’re taking.

Enhanced semen production means better orgasms, better sexual experiences, and an overall better life. Use these tips today to make sure you’re always at your maximum potential!