How Do Penis Pills Work?

It seems like a magical cure, right? Pop in some penis pills and you’ve got yourself a harder, better erection that feels like your dick is bigger than it ever has been before! It’s not magic, however… it’s science! Even though different pills have a varied combination of ingredients, the results end up being the same: you get a better performance in bed.

penis-pills-workJust what is going on with your body?

Sometimes Your Body Just Need Better Blood Flow

One of the most common reasons why guys just can’t get it up or keep it up is because of blood flow. Now your average body builder type or fitness nut goes to the gym a lot, works out a lot, and maybe jogs a couple miles per day.

The average guy, however, is better friends with his couch than he is with the treadmill! And a gym membership? Forget about it!

Over time, a sedentary lifestyle leads to higher blood pressure, which actually restricts the flow of blood circulating throughout your body. Your heart has to work harder to deliver the same result. Because of this, blood doesn’t flow freely to where it needs to go when you want to have sex… namely, your dick. Good penis pills help to regulate the system for you, normalize it, and ultimately reverse the process that is holding you back in many cases.

You still need to get up off the couch every now and again though.

Increased Sperm Counts From Penis Pills? Really?

For other guys, getting a good erection isn’t the problem. It’s getting a good orgasm that is just out of their reach! In many instances, a poor orgasm is the result of less semen than normal. Think about it: when you have more than one orgasm in, say a 12 hour period, there is less ejaculate that comes out with each orgasm. You might be more sensitive to the orgasm, but it doesn’t last as long, right? Penis pills can help guys with low ejaculate restore the amount their body produces, thus enhancing each orgasm.

Guys who have low ejaculate also tend to have a lower sexual desire. It’s not because your partner isn’t sexy or you ate some spicy food – your body literally doesn’t want sex! You can change that with the regular use of a supplement as well because your libido, your desire to have sex, becomes enjoyable once again. You begin to crave orgasms.

Should I Be Taking Penis Pills Right Now?

If you don’t have any problems in the bedroom, then maybe penis pills aren’t right for you at this moment. They are for guys that are struggling with:

  • stamina issues,
  • erection problems,
  • prematurity, or
  • an overall lack of wanting sex.

hard-erectionsIf that description fits you, then maybe today is the day to fix that!

Having sex is a good thing. Being good at sex is an even better thing! You don’t need to settle for having weak orgasms or a weak erection any more! Modern science has given guys a gift – now let’s use it!