What Should You Know Before Taking Pills?

Have you always wanted a better performance in the bedroom?
Have you seen the commercials for penis pills in the past and thought that would be a convenient way to get a bigger dick?

The very first thing you should know before taking a pill is that it will not help you get physically bigger or wider when it comes to your dick. You might be able to:


  • improve your stamina
  • have longer, better erections
  • have more ejaculate for a better orgasm

You’re not going to be able to add 4 inches to your dick, however, just because you took a pill. There are some other considerations you should keep in mind too, so let’s take a look at those right now.

Some Penis Pills Can Actually Be Dangerous

One of the biggest problems in the male enhancement market today are ingredients that can interact dangerously with other medications that guys might be taking. What makes this problem even worse is that some of these ingredients are undeclared. That means you can check the ingredient list all you want, but the end result is that sometimes a manufacturer just doesn’t put something on the list that is actually in the penis pills they make.

vimax-fdaYou might have heard the recent FDA announcement about Vimax. On January 28, 2014, the FDA announced that in random testing of the product, they found that Vimax contained tadalafil, which is the key ingredient in the drug marketed as Cialis. Although tadalafil by itself isn’t very dangerous and it is effective in helping guys get good results in the bedroom, when taken with nitrates tadalafil interacts with them to lower blood pressure to sometimes dangerous levels.

What About Dangerous On the Label Ingredients?

Outside of undeclared ingredients that can include similar drugs to Cialis or Viagra, many herbal supplements can also be somewhat dangerous if taken incorrectly or if you have sensitivities to the product. One of the most common items on a declared ingredient list is niacin. When you don’t get enough niacin, you can get headaches and even skin sores. Too much niacin can cause skin flushing, rashes, and initiate gout attacks.

The bottom line is this: before taking any pills to enhance your sexual experience, you should speak with your doctor about your concerns. Monitor websites that track the ingredients that are found in male enhancement products so that you know what it is that you are taking. Speak with other guys who may have taken the product already to discuss any side effects. You should always know what is going into your body!

Don’t just ignore complaints that other guys have made through online reviews about a product you’re thinking about getting. This is feedback! It’s telling you that your considered product might not be the best choice for you. Take a look at other products that are safe, don’t have undeclared ingredients, and you’ll end up with the male enhancement you need for a better bedroom experience guaranteed!